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Are possums causing a nuisance within your premises? Getting them caught is your primary duty if you have an affirmative answer. We are experts for Possum Removal Kogarah services and are here to help you with our expertise in catching possums and getting rid of them. Possums pose the biggest threat to the house and garden.

We offer safe, affordable, and eco-friendly possum control methods and solutions to our clients so that they can get rid of this real headache. So if you find possums entering your house and causing damage, you can reach out to us today because any delay can increase the health risk to the family. 

What are possums, and how to identify them?

They are a kind of marsupial species that are native to Australia. They are scavengers who feed on dead and decaying parts of plants and animals. They are usually found around mushy lands. 

However, these creatures are very similar to rats. That is why at times, it becomes difficult to differentiate them. Certain interesting physical features in possums go a long way to identifying them. The key features which are used for their identification are:

  • Cat-sized body with a grey fur and white face
  • Long pointy snout
  • Round dark eyes and hairless ears
  • Four paws
  • Hairless tail spinning over 1/3rd of its body
  • 21-35″ long 

How can the possums be safely removed from the property?

Possums entering your commercial and residential premises can be a real nuisance and health threat to your family. Getting rid of them early is essential, even if they are non-aggressive. They can, at times, bite and scratch people, thereby causing infections. At the same time, they cause holes in the rooftop, thereby causing leakage. They spread diseases like rabies. 

That is why it is essential to get rid of them with the help of experts. Our experts for Possum Removal Kogarah are here to provide possum removal and catching services by taking into accord the following:

  • By setting up a new cage and a fruit cage

Possums love to feed on stale fruits. That is why the installation of a cage in order with fruits is an effective method to trap them.

  • By leaving after capture

As per the laws of Australia, it is illegal to hunt possums. That is why they have to be left open in dumping land once they have been captured. 

  • We cannot leave them more than 50 meters away

The maximum limit within the vicinity of which these possums can be left is 50 meters. Any release of possums beyond that is likely to attract penalties and problems. 

  • Increasing the number of visits

The number of possum catchers’ services should increase over the period for the best results to follow.

How would the customer know if the possum is captured in the cage?

After the installation of cages, to safely capture the possums, we leave the cage unattended and undisturbed for some time so that the possum can reach out to it. We advise the client to prevent using the portion of the premises wherein the cages have been installed. 

Possums sneak out from one place to another in utter silence. However, once they enter the cage, they produce a rattling sound that can indicate that they have been caught. If the client misses these sounds, the client can regularly check the trap to see if any possum has been captured. 

What is the need for possum removal?

Possum removal has become the need of the hour. These rodents can enter any premises and hence cause a huge amount of nuisance. The following consequences follow after their appearance.

  • Increasing incidents of infections such as rabies, food poisoning, and allergies.
  • Causing irregular holes in the rooftop and pipes, thereby causing leakage.
  • Unnecessary scratching and biting 

To avoid the side effects mentioned above, it is essential to get the required possum control services to prevent them by undertaking the minimum possum removal cost. 

Our expertise in ensuring a possum-free property in Kogarah

We are here to deliver our expertise to our clients in catching possums. We provide the following kinds of services in the first place to make this happen. The list of the services that we provide are:

  • Residential possum removal

Our team for Possum Removal Kogarah undertakes exercises to remove possums within the residential premises of our clients, like bungalows, flats, and penthouses.

  • Commercial possum removal

We also undertake possum removal services in commercial buildings and offices to promise a safer and more hygienic work environment. 

  • General possum removal

We try to increase the ambit of our services by providing general possum pest control services to our clients.

  • Emergency possum removal service

If you are facing any emergency due to the sudden arrival of possums, there is nothing to worry about. You can book an appointment, and we will be there to deliver the best services on the same day.

Removal of a dead possum: Call Our Certified Experts

There can be a situation wherein the possum has naturally died within the premises. This can cause a very foul smell throughout. That is why in such a situation, we are here to deliver the best services for possum removal. First, we put the dead possum in a sealed container so that the foul smell does not spread and dispose of the same in a garbage heap so that it can decompose over time. We undertake the task of dead possum removal effectively. 

Reasons for choosing us for Possum removal

The list of the reasons that prompt our clients to choose us over and over again has been given as follows:

  • Eco-friendly

We deliver eco-friendly possum removal services to remove and catch possums from our clients’ residential and commercial premises. We do not use any illegal and harmful equipment or pesticides which cause any harm to the individual.

  • Affordable

We, the possum catchers, are in the position of offering affordable and pocket-friendly possum removal and possum-catching services to our clients in comparison to our competitors. We deliver the best services at the least cost.

  • Certified professional

We have a professional team of experts and a professional possum removal company who play an important role in removing the possums at the earliest. These professionals are available throughout to safely and professionally execute the process. 

  • Best

We deliver the best services over time so our clients can be satisfied with respect to the humane possum removal. We are here to assure quality services to our clients so that they can get rid of the pests like possums which happen to be the real headache in the life of the people. 

  • Same day possum service

We deliver same-day possum services to our clients. Our clients can book us even at the last hour, and we will be there with our professional experts to deliver the best service over the period.


Are possum removal services safe?

Yes, they are safe. We can remove many possums in one day and you will not be caught in any legal action. We do it safely. 

Are possum removal services long-lasting?

Yes, we can fence the area to control the action of possums. Then, you will not see possums inside your property. 

Do we provide possum removal services on weekends?

Yes, we are available 24 by 7 for our clients. 

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